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What is religious education (youth group) going to look like this year? Will we be able to gather? Will we provide resources online? What is the plan?

Honestly… it is a time for planning for the what if? Which is not easy to do. A lot depends upon what happens with our schools. Virtual, face to face, a combination of the two? Yes - all of that!

We are working out details of different scenarios with our volunteers - remember, we work with VOLUNTEERS who give up a lot already to be with our youth. These wonderful people are so committed and ready!

Here is what we know for sure: There will be MUCH more responsibility placed on the FAMILY when it comes to teaching the faith to children. Pope Francis says, “The family is the fundamental locus of the covenant between the church and God’s creation”. Parents are the primary catechists to the children - even older children. No matter what happens with religious education, we will be asking more of our families and we will also be committing to supporting our families in new and exciting ways.

Please continue to PRAY for our families and for our religious education program. In this time, we can take a step back and look at the big picture and create new ways to teach the faith to not just our youth, but to the ENTIRE family! A FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER!

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CHILDREN’S MASS BAGS are available for use for small children during Mass. They are located in the main entrance of church. Please take one to use! Our hope is that young children will find them interesting and fun! We ask that you put them back on the rack after Mass so someone can use them at the next Mass. They will be cleaned out weekly.